Rage Of The 99% (feat. Patch)


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This track is dedicated Woody Guthrie (happy 100th birthday) and to my lil' sister Teresa Elena Todd. This raucous little number goes out to all that work towards social, racial, economic, environmental and class justice. It also goes out to all those that stand up to unscrupulous acts of the Global Corporate State, specifically to Monsanto, Big Oil, Big Ag, the Israeli State over their occupation of Palestine, and the Chinese State over their occupation of Tibet. It goes out to the Chicago Teachers union and those who fought for labor rights in Madison Wisconsin. It goes out to the occupy movement. It goes out to Julian Assange and to Equador for accepting him for asylum... It goes out to all the first nation people of the world.

It is quite cathartic to listen to loud when you are really upset..

It has been a pleasure to work with Patch ( patchdub.com ) again, after so many years together with Heavyweight Dub Champion. I am a huge fan of his music and I hope you enjoy this collaboration.

It does contain a couple of explicatives. There is a version that has these censored. Please contact me if this is needed.

May truth, health, and justice prevail.


released September 12, 2012
Music written by Patch ( patchdub.com )
Vocals by Totter.
Mastering by Oz Fritz.


all rights reserved



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