Speak Of The Devil (feat. dr. Israel)


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Speak Of The Devil- Your Ears Must Be Burnin’~ Speak Of The Devil- You Know We’re Talkin’ Bout You~ Speak Of The Devil-Your Ears Must Be Burnin’~ Speak Of the Devil-You know What We’re Talkin’ Bout~ you really, really want what you see and you can’t have~ try a little harder, you might reach what you dream about~ they really don’t know what its like they just read about it~ it’s not what you say, it’s how you do it, how you feel about~ I don’t know what you been told~ but that ain’t the way that this world goes~ Take a step back and look yourself in the eyes~ the seer is the seen, everything else is a lie~ practice what ya preach~ or shut ya mouth and don’t tell us bout It~ its all fine and dandy that you know it, now what ya gonna do about it~ you’re absolutely right, and relatively full of shit~ hot isn’t cold, even though you believe all is one~ I don’t know what you’ve been told~ but everything that glitters sure as hell ain’t gold~ you’re tryin’ too hard, you’re comin’ off as a fas~ try to fix yourself ‘fore you try an’ fix us~ (dr.Israel) “Wha dem feel dem heat now when dem devil bwoy come now bulleby~ Monkey pon ya back require three pint a gin~ Original gangsta wit original sin~ Friend a him now we remember him~ An probably feel now how em wan fya control~ Put in three pound a hate get back one pound a gold~ Cyan chups no man when ya na look inna him soul~ Cau see eye don’t know what him might a been told”~Chorus ~ your complex runs deep, you think your the only one under the sun~ ya ain’t finished yet, there’s some monkeys on your back~ righteous is as righteous does~ and the best friend of hate ….it is love~ I don’t know what you’ve been told ~ but when you’ve got a bad hand, it’s sometimes smart not to fold~ it is the Same above as it Is below~ the wise one is a skeptic and doesn’t believe what he’s told~ you talk about yourself, till you’re blue in the face~ soon you’ll be gone, yes vanish without a trace~ when truth is served up, you hand it back with out a taste~ the vow of the warrior is not to go till all can go in your place~ I don’t know what you’ve been told~ but you’re preachin’ to the choir and it’s getting old~ he who knows doesn’t speak and he who speaks doesn’t know~ the root of all evil is in your thoughts and your soul


from THE CRACKLE, released April 12, 2013
Vocals, Lyrics, Music- Totter Todd
Featured Vocalist and lyrics-dr. Israel
Back up Vocals-Virginia Lee and dr.Israel

Produced by Totter Todd & Cochrane Mcmillan
Final Mixing Engineer- Oz Fritz
Assistant Engineers- Cochrane Mcmillan & Totter Todd
Final Mix was done at Coyote Hearing (coyotehearing.com)
Mastering- Myles Boisen at the Headless Buddha Mastering Lab
Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios and Coyote Hearing by Oz Fritz, Cochrane Mcmillan & Totter Todd

dr. Israel appears courtesy of revolutionsound


all rights reserved



TOTTER San Marcos, Texas

"(Totter's) music is a little bit crazy, but genius"-Tom Rowles,  Not MTV.tv
"Totter Todd's moody, lyrical live score provides an evocative soundscape..."-Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

Totter's music moves through electronica, blues, americana, grind-core, jazz, dub and into realms that, as of yet, have no name.
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